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Central Humanities Library

The primary mission of the libraries of the Faculty of Arts, which in the nine decades since the establishment of the Faculty have developed from personal libraries in professors' offices into large specialised libraries, is to provide support for pedagogical and research work at the Faculty.


However, they are also open to all other visitors, and through inter-library loans, they actively co-operate with the network of Slovene libraries. Today, the libraries within the CHL FA cover their respective fields better than any other library in Slovenia, and two of them – Osrednjo humanistično knjižnico Filozofske fakultete, i.e. the Central Library of the Humanities of the Faculty of Arts (CHL FA), is composed of 18 libraries; most of these are located in the main building of the Faculty on Aškerčeva 2, four in the extension building on Rimska ulica, and two in the separate unit on Zavetiška ulica 5.

All the libraries are combined in a general catalogue through the COBISS system, thus enabling automated borrowing and returns. Today there are over 240,000 items in the COBIB. SI local catalogue of the CHL FA. i.e. the library of the Department of Classics and the library of the Department of Asian and African Studies – are even the only examples in their respective fields in Slovenia. Today, the total number of items at all the libraries comprising the CHL FA exceeds 670,000; the libraries have an average of 240,000 recorded visits and 440,000 borrowings per year.