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Digital Library


Slovenian Union Catalogue (COBISS+)

All OHK FF departmental libraries are virtually joined as one local library catalogue included in the Union Bibliographic/Catalogue Database on COBISS.SI (Co-operative Online Bibliographic System & Services). COBISS+ allows users to search in union bibliographic database as well as in local databases of participating libraries (OHK FF).


DiKUL, dLib

Being a member of the University of Ljubljana Library System, OHK FF can provide access to several licenced and open access sources for its users, the most important ones being:

  • DiKUL (Digital Library of UL) enables access to electronic journals and to electronic books as well as to databased of the most important publishers. Direct access from public computers at all locations of the UL, remote access with a password for UL students and employees, and
  • Digital Library of Slovenia ( – free access web library of written Slovene cultural treasures, of specimens kept in the National and University Library and other Slovene libraries and of current expert articles. Collections consist of texts, photos and multimedia.            


Access to databases

OHK FF Digital Library organizes and offers access to electronic resources for all fields of study covered at FFLJ. For more information about databases please see:



Internet access is available on public PCs in libraries and halls at the faculty. Access to the EDUROAM wireless internet network is available to all FF students and staff members.



Library Collections


OHK FF holds an extensive collection1 of approx. 780,000 volumes, 90,000 visitors a year borrow about 190,000 units.

  • Books: monographs, textbooks, proceedings, research projects, seminar works and undergraduate, masters and doctoral theses, etc. (approx. 680,000 units).
  • Slovene and foreign periodicals - about 9,250 current titles  (1,785 print only, 7,465 online only, 88 print + online).
  • Special collections of non-book materials: map and pictorial collections, AV and music collections (about 100,000 units).
  • Each departmental library specialises in certain areas of science or arts referring to study programmes and fields of research of the department(s) to which they are affiliated.

Library stocks are mainly registered in COBISS+; the rest is listed in various card catalogues in every departmental library. Some of the departmental libraries are closed access libraries, others have at least partial free access. Most library materials have a label with a barcode and a shelfmark - a code of numbers and words indicating what subject the item covers and where it is shelved.


All statistical data taken from the Slovene libraries’ annual statistical report 2018.