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Dear students and graduates of the Faculty of Arts, 

When planning your career, the Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana is at your disposal. Here you can obtain information and advice on how to prepare your written and personal presentations for potential employers, gain insight into innovative ways of seeking employment and self-promotion, and explore different employment options. You can also participate in various workshops, meet with employers, and engage in discussions, round tables, and lectures, etc. All of the above can contribute to your increased employability and facilitate entry into the labour market.   

Contact personNeža Hlebanja E-mail:, Phone: +386 1 2411 047.


We also organise and execute 

  • workshops
  • personal counselling (by arrangement in the offices of the Career Centre of the University of Ljubljana, Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana, Kongresni trg 12)
  • visits to various organisations and presentations of the same to the members of the University of Ljubljana
  • various events: round tables, conferences, discussions, etc.,
  • participation at fairs, and 
  • brief meetings with potential business partners.   


Career Centre web page. 


Facebook: Karierni centri UL