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The Centre for Pedagogical Education was established in 1978, with the mission of overseeing the pedagogical education of (future) teachers and aligning this pedagogical theory with practice. The guiding principle of the Centre has always been that of developing and promoting modern, active and practice-oriented work processes, which participants can apply in everyday practice. As the Faculty's organisational unit, the Centre's main mission is that of ensuring the quality, up-to-date, pedagogical education of teachers of all educational stages, by employing a professional and research-oriented approach. Additionally, the Centre is also devoted to developing different forms of advanced training, with the intention of enabling graduates to continuously improve in all of the Faculty's fields of study.   

CPE is active in the following fields:

  • programmes for advanced education,
  • programmes with the goal of providing professional training to education professionals,
  • education in the field of tertiary education didactics,
  • education of mentors participating in students' practice,
  • the coordination of EU projects,
  • the coordination of the tutoring system at the Faculty of Arts,
  • foreign language exams,
  • international cooperations, conference organisation, summer schools and trips, and
  • publishing.      

Contact Information for the Centre for Pedagogical Education 

Address  Center za pedagoško izobraževanje
Filozofska fakulteta
Aškerčeva 2
1000 Ljubljana 
Office Hours  11:00-13:00 (Monday-Friday)
Room 508 (5th Floor)
 Director Dr. Cirila Peklaj, Associate Professor 
 General Secretary Dr. Renata Kranjčec
Head of the Professional Service  Luka Hrovat
P: + 386 1 241 10 46
 Senior Professional Mihaela Hojker
P: + 386 1 241 10 49
 Senior Professional  Urška Gruden
P: +386 1 241 10 48