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Foreign Language Exams

Productive knowledge of a foreign language has become a necessity, and our European space promotes multilingualism and life-long language learning. Special attention has been devoted to the acquisition and teaching of foreign languages in the European Union from its inception, while the preservation of linguistic and cultural diversity was also simultaneously promoted.  Many of those who possess knowledge of a foreign language often require formal proof of this competency. To this purpose, the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Arts provides exams in foreign languages, coordinated by the Centre for Pedagogical Education (CPE). This exam is intended for candidates with at least a minimum knowledge of a foreign language who require a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language for personal or official purposes, e.g. for enrolment in graduate study, applying for employment or a scholarship, or for study abroad. The Faculty of Arts only offers exams, while the choice of language education is at the candidate's discretion.

Languages Available

We offer exams in 21 languages. The examination usually includes testing communicative competencies in four categories, namely: writing, reading comprehension,  oral communication, and listening comprehension.

Exam Preparation

No special preparations are required to attend the examination (e.g. no special preliminary courses). Suggested forms of preparing for the examination include reading texts in the target language, reviewing grammar, writing short essays, listening to authentic texts in the target language, etc.). The level of language knowledge tested at the examination is not specified by the examination catalogue, but can be described by the “communicative” model, taking into account the level of the candidate’s independence when communicating in the target language. The examinations are of a practical nature:  they are based on language usage and the ability to communicate about current social, everyday, and political topics, etc. Candidates can obtain more detailed descriptions of the examinations and instructions regarding exam preparation from individual examiners during their office hours or via e-mail.

Approaches to the Exam

The candidates should visit the CPE (5th floor, Room 508) during office hours (11:00–13:00, Wednesdays until 15:00) and before attending the examination. The contact person for information regarding foreign language examinations is Luka Hrovat (, Phone: +386 1 241 10 46).


The price of a foreign language examination is 123,02 EUR. Upon payment, the candidate receives two copies of the foreign language examination form (“Certificate of Knowledge of a Foreign Language”). If the examination fee is being paid for by your employer or another legal person, you must submit the original order form in advance. Complaints made at a later time will not be considered.

When Can I Attend the Exam? 

There is no official schedule for foreign language examinations. The candidate is required to contact the appropriate examiner for each language and set the date and time. The locations of examiners at the Faculty of Arts can be found here.

Acquiring the Certificate of Knowledge of a Foreign Language

Upon successful completion of the examination, the candidate submits two copies of the form “Certificate of Knowledge of a Foreign Language” to the CPE, including personal information and the address to which the certificate is to be delivered. The latter will be delivered via mail within five days.