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The Faculty of Arts maintains a long tradition of publishing scientific and professional publications from the fields of the humanities and social sciences, also specialising in university textbooks and various language manuals. In this mission, the Faculty is supported by theZnanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete (ZZFF), i.e. Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts, and the Knjigarna Filozofske fakultete, i.e. the Faculty of Arts Bookstore. Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts regularly publishes the latest scholarly achievements of researchers and teachers of the Faculty of Arts, as well as academic literature and professional publications which also attract the attention of a broader readership. The annual publication of approximately 70 titles places this division among the largest academic publishing houses in the fields of humanities and social sciences in Central Europe, and has additionally secured its first-place status in Slovenia for many years.

The Faculty of Arts Bookstore offers the entire range of the Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts’ publications, as well as an extensive selection of other literary works from the fields of the humanities and social sciences. It has also recently become a venue for various creative and cultural events, including the now already-traditional gatherings entitled Besedne postaje, i.e. Word Stations.