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Dear exchange students, welcome!

This website is dedicated to tutors for exchange students at the Faculty of Arts.

Tutors are Slovene students interested in foreign cultures and languages who have volunteered to help out exchange students while they study at our faculty. 

Tutors are expected to do the following:

  • welcome exchange students upon their arrival
  • aid in finding accommodation
  • help with the application procedure
  • introduce exchange students to student life in Slovenia
  • assist exchange students in becoming  acquainted with the department and faculty.

See the video clip made by our Tutors. 


Each semester, tutors s also organize various social events and a one day trip to different parts of Slovenia. 


All exchange students nominated to study at the Faculty of Arts will be contacted by his or her tutor via e-mail by the tutor assignes to him or her (contact will be initiated via e-mail adress you stated in your Application Form). If you do not wish to have a tutor, please let him or her know and keep in mind that they are expecting a reply from you in any case. Please take into consideration that your tutor is also a student, has limited or no use of a car, and has exams and other obligations of his or her own, so they might not always be available to pick you up or meet with you when you wish. He or she will, however, do his or her best to make your exchange in Slovenia as pleasant as possible.

If you are not contacted by a tutor at least one week prior to yoour arrival, please send an e-mail to  

You are welcome to join our group on fb