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Current Grants

In order to ensure the successful execution and overall quality of your project, it is important to establish what the best system of funding would be before setting out to apply. Before applying, inquire about the funding options through the web pages of the organisation offering grants and discuss this with more experienced colleagues. Additionally, the officers of our professional service are always available to answer any questions you might have. 

Although a substantial part of academic funding derives from the Slovenian Research Agency, there are also other potential funding sources that should be considered when applying for funds. You can find many of them on our web pages. In order to facilitate better results and experiences in the search for funding, we collect and publish grants relevant to the fields of the humanities and social sciences. In addition to offering assistance related to grants, we also make an effort to introduce you to other related research activities. 

For your consideration: When applying for and executing your project, you will encounter various issues and formal procedures. To help eliminate potential complications, we are preparing a Manual for Researchers at the Faculty of Arts. We hope that these sources will provide a useful source of information on funding options for your research. 

Grant notifications of the University of Ljubljana.