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Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships



Planned opening date:  April 2018

Deadline:  September 2018

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The goal of the Individual Fellowships is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of experienced researchers, wishing to diversify their individual competence in terms of skill acquisition through advanced training, international and intersectoral mobility.

Individual Fellowships provide opportunities to acquire and transfer new knowledge and to work on research and innovation in a European context (EU Member States and Associated Countries) or outside Europe. The scheme particularly supports the return and reintegration of researchers from outside Europe who have previously worked here. It also develops or helps to restart the careers of individual researchers that show great potential, considering their experience.


ELIGIBLE RESEARCHER – eligibility conditions for researchers in standard EFs:


  1. The researcher must be an experienced researcher as described under Definitions.
  2. The researcher may be of any nationality. o age restriction apply.
  3. The researcher must move or have moved (transnational mobility) from any country to he MS or AC where the beneficiary is located. The researcher must comply with the mobility rule as described under Definitions.

For refugees covered by the 1951 Refugee Convention (Geneva Convention), the refugee procedure (i.e. before refugee status is conferred) will not be counted as ‘period of residence/activity in the country of the beneficiary’. This is regardless of whether he/she was active in research at that time.




  • European Fellowships (standard Efs, CAR, RI, and SE) – between 12 and 24 months.
  • Global Fellowships – first is outgoing phase between 12 and 24 months, and an additional mandatory 12 months return phase, so the total duration of this type of fellowship is between 24 and 36 months.




During the implementation of the IF the experienced researcher may be seconded to an additional partner organisation, but only in Europe (MS or AC). Such secondments must significantly contribute to the impact of the fellowship.


Duration of the fellowship Maximum duration of the secondment
less than or equal to 18 months 3 months
more than 18 months 6 months




The Faculty of Arts was established in 1919 and is the biggest member of the Universizy of Ljubljana with a long undergraduate and postgraduate educational tradition. It has 22 departments.Its research potential is not confined only to supporting teaching activity, but also to developing research of national and international interest. All the research work is organized around the Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts and is carried out in a wide variety of national and international collaborative research projects. The main aim of the institute is the further development o science, which is realized through 100 research projects taking place every year with their results also published. The Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts with approximately 280 active researchers ranks among the largest research institutions in Slovenia. The research work reflects in series of monographs, many of which are international scientific publications. The research work, which represents the pillar of the development of faculty, also transfers knowledge into practice through teaching and the ongoing training of all actors.


The Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts brings together 455 researchers and junior researchers from 13 research groups:

0581-1 Philosophy at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-2 Musicology at the at Scientific Institute
0581-3 History at the at Scientific research Institute
0581-4 Art History at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-5 Ethnology at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-6 Literature at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-7 Sociological Research and Culturology at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-8 Psyhological Research at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-9 Educiational Sciences Research at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-10 Geographical Research at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-11 Linguistics at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-12 Archaeology at the at Scientific Research Institute
0581-13 Information Science and Library Science at the Scientific Research Institute

Express your interest in applying for Marie S. Curie Individual Fellowship at Faculty of Arts University of Ljubljana


We are inviting you to send us an email including the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email address to respond to
  • Scientific field(s)
  • Doctorate (year, title, field)
  • Do you comply with the mobility rule?
  • Have you already choosen your supervisor?
  • Which year would you like to apply for the grant?
  • Please provide any additional information you feel is important when considering applying for this call.



Please try to be as detailed as possible and be sure to include as much information as you can.



University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts
The scientific Research Institute
Aškerčeva 2
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia