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Research Achievements

Success of the researchers from the Faculty of Arts is reflected in numerous acknowledgements and awards. The results of their work are regularly disseminated in scientific monographs, collections of papers, renowned scientific and professional journals, in the form of papers presented at numerous domestic and international conferences, and at other related events.


Exceptional Scientific Achievements in 2013

The members of individual research field councils at the Slovenian Research Agency have collected and evaluated the final and annual reports for individual projects funded by the Agency in 2012. Upon examination, they selected those that they considered to be exceptional scientific achievements and some of those selected were conducted by researchers at the Faculty of Arts. These scientific achievements were presented in a series of events organised by the Slovenian Research Agency in cooperation with other research organisations. Some have also been published on the portal.


Scientific Monographs

The institute publishes the collection Razprave FF online, in which the latest scientific achievements in research are presented. In addition to its own publications, ZIFF also co-finances the publication of research results with other publishers. Results of research are integrated into the content of study courses; therefore, published materials represent an important part of academic literature.

Below there is a list of books that can be found at the Faculty of Arts Bookstore.


Razprave FF 2014 collection


Razprave FF 2013 collection