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The bodies of the Scientific Research Institute are:

  • the Associate Dean of Research Activity and
  • the ZIFF Council, with the counselling body Researchers Assembly and Print Commission as the working body of the Council.

The Associate Dean of Research is Dr. Jasna Mažgon. The ZIFF Council consists of the heads of the programming groups. The Associate Dean of Research is a member of the Council by virtue of his or her office. He or she also presides over the ZIFF Council. 

The Researchers Assembly of the ZIFF Council is a counselling body that consists of the heads of the programming groups and projects atZIFF Council

The Print Commission is a working body of the ZIFF Council. It oversees the publication of the findings of scientific and research work conducted by researchers at ZIFF. The members of the Print Commission are elected by the ZIFF Council from among the researchers participating in the programming and project activities of the ZIFF. It consists of four elected members, while the fifth member is the Associate Dean of Research by virtue of his or her office. The commission is elected for a period of four years. 

The ZIFF Print Commission for the period of 2013-2016 consists of: 

Commission President: Dr. Tanja Žigon, Associate Professor 

Commission Members: Dr. Lev Kreft, Full Professor, Dr. Vesna Požgaj Hadži, Full Professor, Dr. Božidar Jezernik, Associate Dean of Research, Dr. Predrag Novaković, Full Professor

Rules on the Work of Print Commission, adopted on September 18, 2013 (in Slovenian).