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What is tutoring?

Tutoring is organised help provided for students. We would like to make inclusion into the university environment easier for new students, provide counselling, and help with study and other issues new students might encounter. Consequently, every freshman is provided with a tutor.


Tutoring System at the Faculty of Arts

Since there are more than 150 active tutors at the Faculty of Arts, we require coordinators to efficiently run the programme. Each department has its own departmental coordinator for tutors-students, whose job is also to oversee tutors' work. The following positions are active at the Faculty level: 

  • Coordinator for Tutors-Students;
  • Tutor Coordinator for Students with Special Needs;
  • Tutor Coordinator for Foreign Students;
  • Coordinator for Tutors-Teachers.

The Purpose of Tutoring 

The aim of the tutoring system at the Faculty of Arts is to create conditions for: 

  • organised care for the development of each individual student from enrolment through  completion of study;  
  • strengthening direct contact between students and teachers, and among students, teachers, and the Faculty of Arts as a whole;  
  •  the more successful integration of students into the university environment;  
  • solving general and specific student problems, especially for those with special needs;  
  • an improved success rate during studies, better student mobility, and higher quality of study.

More Information Regarding Tutoring


You can obtain more information from coordinators and tutors, as well as from: