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Department of Asian Studies

The primary aim of teaching and research at the department is not only the acquisition of knowledge regarding Asian and African cultures, traditions, languages, and writing, but also the consequential relativisation of one's own belief systems and thought patterns as relating to a specific cultural environment. The superficial perception of "Otherness" is often reflected in distrust or even open antagonism. It is often only detailed insight into foreign cultures and traditions, supported by relevant theory, that enables a broader understanding and acceptance of those social patterns that differ from our own.  Only through a thorough knowledge of others can we can also come to know ourselves, since it is only by exiting one's own structures of perceiving that we enable an understanding of our own position in the heterogeneous universe of human cultures and traditions.




Jasna Bavec

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 13:00

Phone: +386 1 241 1448