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Department of Comparative and General Linguistics

Comparative Indo-European linguistics belongs among the founding disciplines of the University of Ljubljana established in 1919. Graduates obtain the general competencies of an intellectual from the field of the humanities and specific professional competencies corresponding to essential knowledge and abilities in the field of comparative and general linguistics. The latter enables the graduate to comprehend, interpret, and critically evaluate literature from the field of comparative and general linguistics, as well as from the linguistics of individual languages and language families.  Graduates of this programme are qualified to perform specific tasks in lexicography, at institutions engaging in language and ancient history research, to work at publishing and cultural institutions, and to pursue journalism. They come to possess an in-depth knowledge of the basics of languages belonging to the Indo-European language family, which enables them to quickly gain a command of each of the same. Consequently, graduates excel at tasks that demand knowledge of a larger number of languages, including those whose study is not available in Slovenia; as many of these are related to the operation of the European Union, this improves graduates’ career prospects.




Ana Juvančič Mehle, M. A.

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