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Department of English

The study of English language and literature qualifies graduates for work in various fields of the active usage, research, and teaching of the English language and of literatures written in English. Students can study English as a part of a teaching or non-teaching programme and as part of a single-subject or dual-subject programme. The two first-cycle programmes (single and combine) provide an intensive, three-year basic study of the English language and the cultures and literatures of English-speaking communities, as well as the acquisition of intercultural communication in English required for all aspects of interlingual communication and intercultural activity. Through a careful selection of essential content in all of the aforementioned fields, successful graduates are also qualified to continue their studies or to extend the knowledge and language competencies they have acquired at the second-cycle study level. A second-cycle study of English Studies is possible in single- or combined subject and teaching or non-teaching programmes.




Špela Jevnikar

Office hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 13:00

Phone: +386 1 241 1330

Cabinet: 301