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Department of Slovenian Studies

Graduates acquire essential knowledge and skills from the field of Slavic linguistics and literature. They are qualified to engage in further research and teaching and to pursue journalistic and editorial work, as well as for other activities in the fields of the social sciences and humanities. Ever faithful to the 90-year-old tradition, our students continue to cultivate an awareness of the importance of Slovene language, literature, and culture for the Slovenian space, national identity, and intercultural evaluation. They advance the understanding of the Slovene language as a refined modern language with an expressive power equivalent to the "big" world languages, examine and explore the infrastructural attributes of Slovene in different fields of usage, and, finally, attain cultural competencies at a professional level.




Mateja Robida 

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 13:00

Phone: +386 1 241 1270