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Physical Education Division

Sport has a long tradition at the Faculty of Arts. As a central institution in the field of humanities, we have always been aware of the importance of a well-rounded personality and the values embodied in sport. Sit mens sana in corpore sano (A sound mind in a healthy body) is also our main motto. Students have the opportunity to select the general elective course "Sport and Humanities", which includes the sub-chapters of Philosophy of Sports, Sociology of Sports, and Medicine and Preventive Healthcare at the first-cycle level, and Sociology of Sports Two and History of Sports at the second-cycle level. Our programmes are educationally oriented and give students a chance to learn the basics of new sports, as well as to improve upon techniques already familiar to them. Additionally, we provide preventive healthcare and medically-oriented content while training students in important information on the effects of exertion on the human body, body posture, spine stabilisation exercises, healthy living, etc. Finally, our programmes offer recreational content and information on an active lifestyle.




Gregor Hribar

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