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Interdisciplinary doctoral programme in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences study different aspects of human existence and the social life of the group and the individual, therefore the findings of the humanities and social sciences provide a holistic perspective regarding the individual and society.


Individuals, groups, and communities are impermanent and unpredictable, such that the humanities and social sciences must be ceaselessly alert and need to critically and analytically observe that which we call everyday life.

The ever more numerous and complex interactions between individuals, social groups, and communities on the local, national, and international levels require new considerations, insights, and knowledge. And this is what researchers in the fields of the humanities and social sciences create with their work. New knowledge is transmitted to students, colleagues, professors, and the broader public, with which they change people and their world view – their work draws upon everyday life, makes it sensible through critical analysis, holds a mirror up to it, and reformulates it. Due to the fact that researchers in the humanities and social sciences come from various national, linguistic, philosophical, and cultural traditions, and situate their findings and newly created knowledge in an international context, they make an important contribution to intercultural dialogue.


Administrative Office for Doctoral Study (Third-Cycle)

 Location:    Lobby/Room 16  
 Office Hours:   Monday-Friday: 11:00-13:00 
   Wednesday: 11:00-15:00
 Senior Professional  Tanja Dečman Flis
 Phone:   +386 1 241 10 50
 E-Mail (Third Cycle):
 Senior Professional  Ana Ravnik
 Phone:  + 386 1 241 10 50
 Senior Professional  Lidija Žabkar
 Phone:   +386 1 241 10 51