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Level I. Bologna Studies    



Sport and Humanities – Selected Chapters from Sociology of Sport I      


Red. prof. dr. Mojca Doupona Topič 


Theoretical part: From socialization to the role of women in sport; Violence in sport; Media and sport; The role of sport in the formation of national identity.     


Sport and Humanities – Selected Chapters from Philosophy of Sport


Red. prof. dr. Lev Kreft; 

Red. prof. dr. Olga Markič


Theoretical part: Introduction in Philosophy of sport; Ethics of sport and contemporary dilemmas; Philosophy of physical culture and sport; Intrusion of sport in physical culture; Sport, art and culture in the present.     


Sport and Humanities – Body Practices of Selected Topics in Medicine and Prevention 

Doc. dr. Vedran Hadžić, dr. med.




Theoretical part: Selected topics of anatomy (locomotor and cardiovascular system); Selected topics of physiology (Protein, fats and carbohydrates metabolism, The effect of exercise on body); Health criterion for selection of sport activity, limits of sport activity in some frequent pathological conditions (increased blood pressure, cardiorespiratory and locomotor probmlems, obesity), Healthy diet and regulation of body weight.     


Level II. Bologna studies  


Sport and Humanities – Selected Chapters from History of Sport


Doc. dr. Tomaž Pavlin; 

Doc. dr. Peter Mikša  



Theoretical part: Ancient Olympic games; Gymnastic movements founders of modern physical education; Genesis and regimentation of modern sport; Revival of olympics and modern olympics games; Development of Slovenian sport.    



Sport and Humanities – Selected Chapters from Sociology of Sport II


Red. prof. dr. Mojca Doupona Topič   


Theoretical part: Phenomenology of sport; Social role of sport; Social distinctions in sport; Sociological perspective of professional sport; Sport in process of globalization.