Neolithic and Eneolithic Archaeology – Selected Topics

Neolithic and Eneolithic Archaeology – Selected Topics




ECTS credit:7

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Petru Simona, prof. dr. Budja Mihael


The course consists of selected topics. The discussed topics change from one year to another. Lectures are connected to the seminar. This course is regarding contents linked with the course Fieldwork.

Palaeolithic and Mesolithic in Slovenia and their connection to Europe, especially the Balkans, Apennine Peninsula, and Central Europe. Issues regarding the transition from the Middle and Later Palaeolithic in Europe – the arrival of the modern man and the extinction of the Neanderthal. Theories about cognitive abilities of the Neanderthal and modern man, and theories about the development of man’s symbolic thinking. Thorough acknowledgement of early artefacts and "Paleolithic art".