Anthropology and Politics in Africa - Practical Classes

Anthropology and Politics in Africa - Practical Classes




ECTS credit:3

Lecturer(s): doc. dr. Lunaček Brumen Ana Sarah


Practical classes are strongly related to lectures in Anthropology and Politics in Africa. At practical classes the focus is on one ore some of the topics considered in classes of lectures. The understanding and knowledge of topic is deepened and specified with additional reading and with ethnographic research. When possible, we try to engage in fieldwork in African continent (e.g. in Morocco). Since this is rarely realistic endeavour, we try to focus on topics related with Africa, for which ethnographic field work can be done in Slovenia or nearby countries. Among others that topics can be: ethnography of contacts between Slovenia and Africa (in time of non-aligned Yugoslavia or contemporary contacts, in fields of development, economy or culture); Africans in Slovenia, first, second and third generation; contemporary migration from Africa and Middle East; imaginaries of Africa and Africans in Slovenia; selected chapters from African cinematography; or another topic from the scope of lectures.
Students prepare for practical classes with reading of selected texts connected with selected topic(s) and discuss them. Students engage in group and /or individual ethnographic field work usually conceived as a research project.