Selected Topics in Didactics I

Selected Topics in Didactics I

Lectures: 60

Seminars: 30

Tutorials: 0

ECTS credit: 7

Lecturer(s): prof. dr. Kalin Janica

1. Characteristics and factors of Slovene educational system

2. Definition of basic conceptions: differentiated instruction, individualization of teaching, selection

3. Historical development of individualized and differentiated teaching

4. Basic systems of individualized and differentiated teaching: internal, external, flexible
- Models of internal, external, flexible differentiated and individualized teaching
- Possibilities and limitations of systems of differentiation and individualisation

5. Prerequisites for effective differentiation and individualisation
- The role and importance of teachers
- Planning and adapting teaching goals

6. Learning differences among pupils: the origin of learning differences, methods of getting to know pupils

-7 Work with pupils with special needs
- Types of special needs, principles of teacher's activities, design of an individualised teaching plan

8. Work with pupils with learning difficulties
- Origin and types of learning difficulties, specific learning difficulties, teacher's adjusting their teaching and assessing

9. Discovering gifted pupils and work with them: definition of giftedness and characteristics of gifted pupil, guidelines for detection and work with gifted pupils during classes and in other organized forms of education.