Enrolment and Progression

Candidates who fulfil the requirements for enrolment can enrol based on the invitation they receive by post.  

In 2020, the Faculty of Arts successfully and fully implemented the merging of study programmes, the aim of which was to reduce the number of study programmes, without compromising the diversity of the offer of study programmes and courses and the existing possibilities of their combinations.

All changes brought by the merging of study programmes are more of a formal rather than substantive nature, which means that in most cases, the names of the programmes or courses were changed and in some cases also the professional title, that is - according to the provisions of Professional and Academic Titles Act - formulated either from the (changed) name of the programme or the (changed) name of the course.

A table showing which first-cycle study programmes have been merged, the new name of the programme or course after the merger, and any changes in the professional title is available here (only in Slovene).

The student - regardless of the merger of the programmes - retains the programme/course syllabus and all other rights, which are provided in the following way:

• Students who meet the conditions for regular progression to a higher year of studies, advance to the higher year of the merged programme and do not lose the right to an additional year if they have not lost it before (by repeating the year or changing the programme/course)

• Students who will repeat the year or have an extended status for justified reasons, can exercise this right in the merged programme, if they have not yet used it. By repeating, they will lose the right to an additional year, just as they would lose it by repeating a year in the same (unmerged) programme. If they have already lost the right, they will interrupt their studies and continue or complete it in accordance with the rules set out in the UL Statute in the merged programme;

• For students who will take a break (and will not have student status), the break will be recorded on a merged study programme, in which, after regaining the status of a student, they will continue and complete their studies according to the rules from the previous indents;

• Students who are about to complete their studies, complete their studies in a merged programme.

The changes brought by the merging of study programmes come into force with the academic year 2021/22 and apply to all students of these (merged) study programmes. For students of these study programmes, the changes will be automatically implemented in the student information system VIS and will automatically be reflected in all documents (certificate of enrolment, transcript of records, certificate of completed studies, diploma, diploma supplement…), which will be issued to students for the academic year 2021/2022 and all subsequent academic years.

There are no changes for students enrolled in study programmes of Faculty of Arts who have not merged. There are also no changes for students who will enrol at the Faculty of Arts in the academic year 2021/2022, as they will already apply and enrol in new (i.e. merged) study programmes or courses.

The formal explanation (letter) of the Faculty of Arts regarding the merging of study programmes and the change of the names of study programmes or courses of study, which students can submit to funding authorities or other interested parties, is published here (only in Slovene).

Upon enrolment, students gain the status of a student that can be proven with a university student ID, which is a public document.

Study calendar is based on Higher Education Act and Statute of University of Ljubljana.

The academic year starts on October 1 and ends on September 30. Every year, the study calendar specifies the duration of organised study activities, examination periods, school holidays, public holidays and of the university week.

Spring semester: middle of February – end of May

Winter holidays: middle of January – middle of February

Winter examination period: middle of January – beginning of February

Summer holidays: beginning of July – end of August

Summer examination period: beginning of June – end of June

Autumn examination period: end of August – middle of September

Study calendar for academic year 2020/2021 on the Slovene website.

Enrolment of accepted candidates in the first and second application period will take place by September 30, in exceptional circumstances until October 30.

After the completion of the selection procedure, accepted candidates will receive further instructions and the necessary information for enrolment in the first year (username and password) by mail. Candidates enter their information in the electronic enrolment sheet by accessing the website from home or any other location with Internet access. The documents required for enrolment must be sent in a sealed envelope by post to the following address: Filozofska fakulteta, Referat za magistrski študij, Aškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana, marked »VPIS« by September 30 (sent on that day).

If the study programme in which a candidate wishes to enrol, prescribes an elective course, it is recommended to check before the enrolment procedure if the schedule of the desired elective course fits the candidate. The schedule is available here.

The list of elective courses with short descriptions can be found on the tab “Guidance” “Elective courses”.

For progression from the first to the second year of the second-cycle study (Master) programme, students have to complete prescribed study obligations for the first year of study as prescribed with the course and individual curricula for the first year in the amount of 54 out of 60 ECTS.

For enrolment in the additional year, the student information system (VIS) automatically checks whether the conditions are met in the preparation of the enrolment sheet.

In exceptional circumstances (set out in the Statute of University of Lubljana in the Criteria for Resolving Student request) students that only completed obligations in the amount of 51 ECTS may also enrol in the higher year of their studies based on approved request for exceptional enrolment in the higher year of studies. Students should address the request to Committee for student questions and guidance (Odbor za študentska vprašanja in usmerjanje) and can also attach a written consultative opinion of the department that must be obtained before submitting the request for exceptional enrolment in the higher year of studies.

More information on submitting a request for exceptional enrolment in the higher year of studies with missing credit points is available in the tab “Guidance” “Student request submission”

During their studies (at  each cycle) students have the right to re-enrol in the same year of the study (repetition of the same year) or change the study programme or course of the study if they fail to complete all the obligations prescribed by the programme. However, in this case, the student status ceases at the end of the last semester and those students do not have the right to enrolment into additional year.  

Department office checks whether the conditions for re-enrolment prescribed by the study programme for a certain year of studies are fulfilled and prepares the enrolment sheet for enrolment in the same year. For the students fulfilling the conditions for enrolling into the additional year, the list for enrolment is prepared by the Administrative Office for Master's Programmes (Second-Cycle).

The tuition fee is not charged to students who re-enrol in the same year (repeat the same year) of the study programme and have already paid the tuition fee for that year.

To re-enroll, a student must send a notice that he or she wishes to re-enroll in the same year to the department secretariat. In the case of a student studying in a combined study programmme or combined course, the student must send a notice that he/ she wishes to re-enroll in the same year to both departmental secretariats. The contacts of the departments are available here (the appropriate department must be selected and there is also a contact of the secretariat on the website that opens).

In order to re-enroll in the same year, it is necessary to meet the conditions prescribed by each study programme.

The student status may be extended for justified reasons for a maximum of one year:

  • If the student does not complete his/her studies in the second-cycle study programme within 12 months after the end of the last semester,
  • If the student does not enrol in the next year or semester during their studies.

The extension of the status for justified reasons, such as: prolonged illness, exceptional family and social circumstances, parenthood and special status of the students, will be decided by the Committee for student questions and guidance (Odbor za študentska vprašanja in usmerjanje). A justified reason for the extension of student status for foreign students, enrolled in the first year of studies whose mother tongue is not Slovene, can be the learning of the Slovene language within the Year plus module. More information: Year plus.

Student mothers who give birth during their studies, and male students who become fathers during their studies, are entitled to have their student status extended by one year for each child born alive.

The right for extension of student status begins in the study year following the study year when the justified reason has occurred.

The status can also be extended in the final year of study and during the additional year.

Students in second-cycle study programmes can extend their student status just once and for a maximum of one academic year without losing the right to an additional year after completing their final year of study.

Repeating a year or changing a study programme or course does not affect the extension of student status for justified reasons, regardless of the degree of study.

Students may enrol in the additional year after completing their final year, if they have not repeated (re-enrolled in the same year) or changed the programme or course of study during their studies, regardless of the amount of ECTS achieved.

Enrolment in the additional year is carried out in September, or later in exceptional circumstances.

Enrolment is done exclusively through the student information system (VIS). Printed and signed enrolment sheets must be sent by post or submitted to the box in front of Room 1 by September 30.

A student who loses the student status may continue with his or her study obligations for two years after losing the status, unless the accreditation of individual programme expires. After the expiry of two years period from the loss of status, a student will be considered to have interrupted the studies and must submit a request for continuation or completion of studies after the interruption.

More information on submitting a request for continuing or completion of studies is available in the tab “Guidelines” “Student request submission.”

Cost of the defence of a final master thesis

In accordance with the Amendments to the Statute of University of Ljubljana (paragraph 4 of Article 128 of the Statute of UL) of October 13, 2018, a candidate who has completed all his/her study obligations except the final thesis before losing student status, and has had the topic of the final thesis confirmed within six months after the loss of student status, can complete his/her studies without payment, but not later than within two years after the loss of status.

The price is published in the price list of the faculty for each academic year.

Students who show outstanding academic results in their studies may be allowed to progress faster based on their request if this is possible in terms of the study process.

More information regarding the request for faster progress is available in the tab Guidelines” “Student Request Submission.”

Students complete their studies after completing all the prescribed obligations of the study programme, including the defence of the final thesis, in the total amount of 120 ECTS.

The procedures for submitting and confirming a topic of Master thesis, submitting a printed and electronic version of the final Master thesis, submitting an electronic version of the final Master thesis in the student information system (VIS) where it is checked with a programme for detecting similarity with other works (plagiarism) and the procedure for defence of the Master thesis are specified in the Rules for completion of studies at the second-cycle programmes (Pravilnik o zaključku študija na študijskih programih druge stopnje).

Temporary inaccessibility of the final thesis

The content of the final thesis may be temporarily inaccessible in exceptional cases for the following reasons:

  • The protection of business secrets,
  • The protection of the results in the enforcement of intellectual property rights,
  • Ensuring the safety of people and nature,
  • Protection of classified information.

The mentor and the student submit a written request for temporary inaccessibility of the contents of the written final thesis before submission of the printed and electronic version of the final Master thesis in the Administrative Office for Master's Programmes (Second-Cycle) in accordance with the provisions of the Criteria for Resolving Student Requests for the first and second-cycle studies (Merila za reševanje študentskih prošenj na študiju prve in druge stopnje). The request must state the reasons for the temporary inaccessibility of the content of the final thesis and the proposal regarding the duration of the temporary inaccessibility. The application must be accompanied by supporting evidence. The dean decides on the application and his decision is final.