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Courses in English


Academic year 2019/2020

All information about the courses offered in English for Erasmus students in 2019/2020 can be found here: INFO on courses 2019/20.


Second semester 2019/2020

- Contemporary Phenomenology (Assoc. Prof. Janko Lozar) - 3 ECTS
- Courses of Slavic languages II: Bulgarian 1–2 (lecturer TBA) - 3 ECTS
- Curriculum Studies (Assoc. Prof. Damijan Štefanc) - 5 ECTS
- Geography of Slovenia (application by email to Asst. Prof. Boštjan Rogelj) - 8 ECTS
- Introduction to Gay and Lesbian Studies (Prof. Roman Kuhar) - 4 ECTS
- Romanian 1 (Lector Ioana Carmen Jieanu, PhD) - 3 ECTS
- Selected topics in Chinese Society (Tch. Asst. Maja Veselič) - 3 ECTS
- Slovene as Foreign Language – Lectorat 1 (Assoc. Prof. Nataša Pirih Svetina/to be announced later) - 3 ECTS - NOTE: ONLY FOR FACULTY OF ARTS STUDENTS! To apply, write to with the subject line: Slovene for exchange students at the Faculty of Arts

Additional Offer At Some Departments

  • Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology: here
  • Department of Psychology: here
  • Department of Classics: here
  • Physical Education Division: here

Please note that you have to be careful in which semester a course is offered.