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King Sejong Institute Ljubljana
(KSI Ljubljana)

King Sejong Institute Ljubljana (KSI Ljubljana) is supported by the KSIF (King Sejong Institute Foundation) under the influence of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and welcomes everyone, who is interested in learning Korean language and Korean culture. The institute offers Korean language courses with various levels and interesting classes about Korean culture in theory and practice. The lecturers are native Korean speakers, with teaching certificates. KSI Ljubljana organizes one-day workshops several times a year (Korean food, K-pop dance, Korean traditional games, etc.) In addition, KSI Ljubljana hosts lectures, travelogues and other events related to the Korean language and culture. Korean books and magazines are available to the students at the headquarters of the institute (FF, Tobačna 5, room 5/2/7). Join and discover Korean language and culture at KSI in Ljubljana with us!

King Sejong Institute Ljubljana

Phone: 01 244 2060

Faculty of Arts
Tobačna 5, room 5/2/7

Zemljevid lokacije Inštituta

Course levels at KSI, listed by its difficulty: beginner 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B, intermediate: 3A, 3B, 4A and 4B.

The duration of one class is 60 min (10 min break).

Minimum number of participants for the course: 4.

Information on how to apply and the criteria for the course competition are listed below the course schedules. 

Spring course (45 hours)
Dates: 4.3. – 20.6.2024, once a week, 3 school hours a day
Registration period: 5.2. – 23.2.2024
Tuition fee payment period: 26.2. – 1.3.2024




9:00 - 12:00
(only for FF students)


14:00 - 17:00



17:00  - 20:00



17:00  - 20:00



17:00  - 20:00



17:00 - 20:00
(only for FF students)

Reading and talking in Korean

Easy reading in Korean


17:30 – 19:00

The date of the Graduation ceremony will be announced later.

Summer intensive course (45 hours) 
Dates: 1.7. – 19.7.2024, from Monday to Friday, 3 school hours a day
Registration period: 3.6. – 21.6.2024
Tuition fee payment period: 24.6. – 28.6.2024



From Monday to Friday

9:00  - 12:00

The date of the Graduation ceremony will be announced later. 

Fall course (45 hours)
Dates: 2.9. – 20.12.2024, once a week, 3 school hours a day
Registration period: 8.7. – 23.8.2024
Tuition fee payment period: 26.8. – 30.8.2024

Dates and course levels will be announced in July 2024.

The date of the Graduation ceremony will be announced later.

Winter intensive course 2025
Dates and levels for the courses will be announced later.

Korean culture course
The dates for Korean culture courses will be announced additionally. For the newest information please follow us on our Facebook homepage.

How to apply?

Applications for courses are collected via the application form (Google forms). You can find the newest application form on our Facebook page.

-Students without prior knowledge of Korean language can register for course 1A (no test required).
-Students, who have already attended courses at KSI Ljubljana (or any other KSI), can send us their test results, or the course completion certificate of their last course at KSI.
-Students with prior knowledge of Korean language, should first test their language level at the link below. Since the same test cannot be taken twice, we advise you to take the 1A test first and then proceed to the next level to determine your level of Korean language proficiency. Send us the test result when registering for the course.

Level test:

Criteria for completion

Attendance rate of least 70% and achievement test score of 60 points or higher.


Dates to be announced later. For more information, follow us on our Facebook page and Instagram.

You can find the newest application form on our Facebook page.

After receiving the bill, the courses can be paid with a bank transfer. For additional questions send us an e-mail:

The price of learning material is included in the registration fee.

Online learning material is available in Korean language, but it cannot be saved or printed.

Korean Grammar