Tools for Researchers

Tools and links to help researchers in their work.

A properly organised bibliography is of key importance when applying for a project.  Librarians at the Central Library of the Humanities enter the bibliographies of researchers at the Faculty of Arts into the COBISS.SI database. For more information see this link (in Slovene).

The project manager and the researchers must possess enough available capacities for the execution of the research projects. To carry out the research, they must be employed at a research organisation. The entire capacity allowed per researcher is 1.700 hours annually or one FTE (Full Time Employment) or a maximum of 340 hours annually for researchers with 100% pedagogical employment. The conditions regarding the available capacities and employment are reviewed before signing the employment contract.

Upon commencing the project and at the beginning of the calendar year, the Slovenian Research Agency invites project managers to submit the research hours distribution plan. Certain technical rules of the Slovenian Research Agency and internal rules of the Faculty of Arts regarding project employment must be taken into account.

The manager of the project funded by the Slovenian Research Agency requires a minimum of 170 available research hours annually or a relevant equivalent. Notwithstanding the previous provision, the position of project manager can also be assumed by a retired researcher with 0 hours, providing that he or she meets all other required conditions. The Rules of the Faculty of Arts stipulate that a researcher cannot be employed on projects with less than 50 annual hours.

The information on researcher workload for individual projects of the Slovenian Research Agency is accessible at all times through the application eObrazci (i.e. eForms) under the tab Razporeditev ur projekta/programa (i,e. Project/Programme Research Hours Distribution) --> Pregled (i.e. Overview).

Since 2009, the public agency for research activity has used the web application eObrazci for applying for projects and reporting achievements. We prepared a short manual on how to use the eObrazci application along with instructions on how to install the digital certificate (in Slovene).

The forms are available through the intranet web page of the Faculty of Arts.

Easy Financial and Accounting Management Tool (EFAMT) is an online tool employed by the Slovenian Research Agency for the financial management of the funds of research projects and other research activities.  The application enables project managers to track the financial status of their projects. The user manual is accessible via this link (in Slovene).