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With more than 70 new titles a year, our publishing house is one of the largest scientific publishing houses in the field of humanities and social sciences in Slovenia.

The Faculty of Arts has a long tradition of publishing scientific and professional publications, university textbooks, and various language manuals. The publishing activities of all organisational units and departments are joined under Znanstvena založba Filozofske fakultete (ZZFF), i.e. the Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts, which through its activities supports the basic mission of the Faculty – the development and dissemination of knowledge that is the subject of cognitive processes and the encouragement of the critical and creative thinking that defines humans as thinking beings. With regard to the number of publications (over 70 per year), Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts is one of the biggest publishers of academic literature in the field of the humanities and social sciences in Central Europe and has for some time been the largest in Slovenia.

Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts consists of four field-related editorial departments: scientific publications; university level and other textbooks; professional publications; promotional materials. Numerous monographic and periodic publications published by the Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts are produced by the Scientific Research Institute of the Faculty of Arts, by the Centre for Slovene as a Second/Foreign Language, and by various departments of the Faculty of Arts. Publications include works which present the most recent research achievements in the humanities and social sciences, study literature, and expert works of interest to the wider public. Aside from scientific research monographs, proceedings, and study literature, it also publishes periodic professional journals. All such numerous works are available at Knjigarna Filozofske fakultete, i.e. the Faculty of Arts Book Store, which, in co-operation with the Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts, is responsible for publication sales.

In the spirit of open science, we edit two web portals, Journals of Faculty of Arts, where all articles of 14 scientific journals are accessible, as well as the portal E-books – Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts. The portal is based on an open source system, book titles are freely available in pdf format, some titles are also available in an ePub format that allows reading on phones and tablets.



Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts
Aškerčeva 2
1000 Ljubljana 
Opening hours
11.00–13.00 (Monday–Friday)
11.00–15.00 (Wednesday)


Phone  +386 1 241 11 81
Head of the Publishing division

dr. Matevž Rudolf

Senior Professional 
Technical Editor

Jure Preglau

Editor Eva Vrbnjak, MA
Associate Dean of Publishing assoc. prof. dr. Barbara Pihler Ciglič


Editorial board of higher education and other textbooks dr. Tatjana Balažic Bulc
dr. Janica Kalin (head)
dr. Darko Ogrin 
dr. Melita Puklek Levpušček
dr. Jerica Vogel

Editorial board of scientific publications:


dr. Andreja Avsec 
dr. Vojko Gorjanc (head)
dr. Boštjan Kravanja
dr. Simon Kušar
dr. Maja Šabec

Editorial board of professional publications:


dr. Martina Frelih 
dr. Matej Šekli
dr. Maria Wtorkowska
dr. Andreja Žele
dr. Tanja Žigon (head)
Editorial board of promotional materials: Kristina Zajc Božič (head) 
Jerica Mrak Pestotnik
dr. Mojca Nidorfer Šiškovič
Jure Plut
dr. Blaž Podlesnik

Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts is a member of Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)

Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts is a member of European research infrastructure OPERAS.

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