Library services

Full-time students of the Faculty of Arts pay the registration fee upon registration with the Faculty of Arts. By filling in a registration form one automatically becomes a member of all 18 departmental libraries of the Central Humanities Library. 

Exchange students at the Faculty of Arts fill in a registration form and pay a registration fee in their departmental libraries.

Full-time students of other faculties of the University of Ljubljana become members when registering in one of the departmental libraries by filling in a registration form. There are no additional registration fees to be paid by students of the University of Ljubljana.

Exchange students of other faculties of the University of Ljubljana can present the slip of registration form filled in at their faculties to be exempt from registration fees in OHK FF. 

University of Ljubljana student ID serves as a library card and is valid in all libraries of the University of Ljubljana, in the National and University Library (NUK) and the Central Technological Library (CTK).
Other users are issued a membership card after having paid the fees in one of the departmental libraries.

Documents required upon the registration with the library:
• students: student ID, identity document,
• others: identity document, temporary residence permit, guarantor.

A valid University of Ljubljana student ID or a library card is needed for borrowing library materials. A student/library card is not transferable to another person. To borrow books, periodicals, etc.:

1. Search for bibliographic information in the ‘Virtual Library of Slovenia’ called COBISS+ in:

  • all libraries, or
  • enter library acronym, name, department or city, e. g. FFLJ for the local OHK FF catalogue (choose the appropriate departmental library or all departments from the drop-down menu).

2. Write out the entire shelfmark (call number), located at the bottom of the entry, e.g.:

OHK-Slovenistika in slavistika L.A I 3684 CANKAR I. Ward – located in the Library of the Departments of Slovenian Studies and Slavistics

OHK-Germanistika 886.3 CANKAR I. Ward of our Lady – located in the Library of the Departments of English, German, and Translation Studies

3. Present the shelfmarks to the librarian at the loan desk.

4. The librarian will bring you the requested items and scan the barcodes. Due dates are recorded on the loan slip.

5. For materials which have not yet been provided with a barcode, a borrow slip has to be filled in.

Most reference materials can be used in the departmental libraries and in the common reading room. The common reading room (Room 015) in the basement is open Monday to Saturday 6-22.

They have to be returned on the same day to the departmental library during office hours or left in the book return box in front of Room 37 on the ground floor (please make sure that all items drop down properly). The use of the book return box is at your own risk.


The loan period for books is usually one month or two weeks but departmental libraries can set their own rules regarding the loan period depending on the type of materials. In general periodicals, handbooks, undergraduate, masters and doctoral theses as well as special library materials cannot be borrowed for home use.

Items on loan can be renewed in person, by telephone, e-mail or via COBISS+ by using My Libraries service.

The My COBISS user profile is the platform where users can store the contents they have been searching and edit the settings of the COBISS+ interface. A password, which users choose upon registration at the library, and a member ID (student ID number for students of UL) are needed to log in.

By logging into My COBISS, users can make use of the following services: My Libraries, My Shelf, My Searches, Settings etc.

The My Libraries service enables users to view their borrowed, reserved and other material, loan history, interlibrary loan, debts and restrictions in a library, e-notifications and other services provided to the users by the library. Under e-notification settings we recommend selecting expiry notifications to be received by e-mail or SMS three days before the due date.

Materials can be reserved in person, by telephone, e-mail or via My Libraries. When the materials become available, an e-mail is automatically sent to the borrower. The availability of one’s reservations can also be checked in My Libraries. Reserved items have to be collected within 3 days of notification, otherwise the member is charged 1 € fine per item.

Items on loan can be returned to the departmental library during office hours. After office hours they can be inserted into the book return box in front of Room 37 on the ground floor (please make sure that all items drop down properly). The use of the book return box is at your own risk.

There are three book return boxes in front of Room 37 on the ground floor. Please make sure that all items drop down properly. The use of the book return box is at your own risk.

Apart from lending materials held by OHK FF to other libraries, OHK FF provides ILL services for its users by obtaining materials and documents from any library in Slovenia and from numerous foreign libraries and document suppliers. The ILL order form has to be filled out. The service is payable according to the valid price list

E-mail address:

Overdue loans are charged per day according to the current price list. If items are kept overdue more than one week users may receive a written reminder.

Users are responsible for the borrowed materials. Damaged (torn, highlighted, marked) or lost materials must be replaced or damages paid according to the current price list