The annual Academic Book Fair in the Foester's garden behind the Faculty of Arts

The Academic Book Fair is a three-day public event with an accompanying programme. It has introduced a new type of book fair to the Slovenian space, and has also established a new cultural and communication centre. This event connects different agents from the fields of the production and promotion of academic literature, including university publishers, bookstores, and university libraries. It highlights the diversity and quality of Slovenian academic publishing, and presents the most recent scholarly achievements and interdisciplinary developmental trends in the sphere of tertiary education. Additionally, it promotes academic literature among the general public, university students, secondary education students who are deciding on the course of further study, and among those enrolling in university studies in the context of lifelong learning. official webpage >


10. 09. 2020
Department of Translation Studies, Department of Slovenian Studies, Faculty of Arts
28. 09. 2020
Mednarodna pisarna, Faculty of Arts
03. 10. 2020
The Central Humanities Library, Faculty of Arts

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