Call for Enrolment

Applicants to second-cycle Master degree programmes must submit an application for enrolment through the eVŠ portal within the deadline set in the call for enrolment.

The call for enrolment for second-cycle Master degree programmes is published annually, usually in February for the following academic year.

Call for enrolment – University of Ljubljana

Call for enrolment – Faculty of Arts 


All students pay a registration fee for each subsequent year of study, which can vary among academic years.

The tuition is charged to:

All part-time students,
Full time students,

  • who have previously acquired equivalent degree of education (i.e. second-cycle),
  • who want to change the study programme and have previously repeated the year or changed the study programme at the second-cycle studies;
  • who are nationals of non-EU countries, and countries with which there is no bilateral agreement between the countries, on omitting the fees.

The studies of full-time students, enrolled in second-cycle study programmes are financed from the public budget; therefore, students do not pay tuition fees. This applies to citizens of the Republic of Slovenia or European Union Member States and citizens of the Republics of Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Tuition for academic year is 3.000 EUR. Students can pay the tuition in one or more instalments.

The fees are published in the faculty price list.

Slovene citizens and EU nationals may apply for second-cycle Master programmes with a fixed number of available places specified in the table below for full-time and part-time studies separately. Non-EU nationals may also apply for these places if they or one of their parents or guardians is a tax resident of the Republic of Slovenia with permanent residence in Slovenia at the time of the application.

Non-EU nationals and Slovenes not holding Slovene citizenship may apply for places specified in separate cells.

Number of available places for MA programmes of the Faculty of Arts is available here

Candidates applying for Master study programmes should have a bachelor (first-cycle) diploma or an equivalent or higher diploma according to the Higher Education Act, and proof they meet other admission criteria, depending on the respectful Master study programme.

In case of limited access, the applications will be assessed based on selection criteria specific to the course of study (study programme) for which the candidates have applied.

If the candidate's qualifications do not meet the general admission requirements for direct admission, the candidate will be requested to provide additional proof of competences. Such additional requirements should be fulfilled before registration to the programme.

Differential exams

Differential exams corresponding to between 10 and 60 ECTS credits will be determined based on discrepancies between the fields of expertise. Candidates must pass these exams prior to enrolment.

Candidates are advised to request information on differential exams from department offices of the Faculty of Arts as soon as possible. Candidates should also give evidence of bachelor diploma and transcript of records or, if the bachelor study is not finished yet, the curriculum or other proof of the bachelor study programme. Department offices will provide detailed information on differential exams. Fees for differential exams must be paid in accordance with the price list of the Faculty of Arts.

Application deadlines:

  • In the first application period, Slovene citizens and EU nationals must submit their application for enrolment into second-cycle study programmes in eVŠ by August 31, 2021
  • In the first application period, Non-EU nationals and Slovenes not holding Slovene citizenship must submit their application for enrolment into second-cycle study programmes in eVŠ by July 15, 2021
  • In the second application period (candidates may apply only for those programmes where there are still free places, which have not been filled in the first application period) candidates must submit their application for enrolment into second-cycle study programmes in eVŠ by September 20, 2021);
  • On study programmes where there is greater demand than there are places available, the selection will be made on September 16, 2021; candidates must submit proof of their bachelor or other degree until September 15, 2021.


Candidates must submit applications for enrolment with all required supplemental documents in the electronic application (eVŠ). Please follow the relevant instructions.

For any support in filling in the application form, please contact:

Enotni kontaktni center državne uprave (EKC)


T: +386 1 478 85 90 (from 8.00 AM until 10.00 PM during weekdays).

All candidates wishing to enrol in Master study programmes of the Faculty of Arts may apply regardless of whether they have obtained their university (undergraduate) degree at the time of application, as this is not a prerequisite for submission of an application. However, it is a requirement for enrolment in Master study programmes. Candidates are advised to submit the application if they expect to obtain their university (undergraduate) graduate degree by the deadlines specified in the call for enrolment.

Each candidate may submit a maximum of one application and maximum of three wishes/priorities for study at the Faculty of Arts.


Documentation (needs to be uploaded in eVŠ):

1.  Scan of all acquired degree certificates.

2.  Scan of Diploma Supplement or official Transcript of Records.

3.  For Creole programme only:

Short biography (half a page).

Confirmation of the proficiency in English or proof of a previous study programme in English.

A letter of recommendation from a mentor from a previous study programme.

Draft of the study plan (Preferences for the Creole pillars and elective courses; plan of field research).

Motivation letter.

4. For enrolment via transfer between studies programmes only: Official Transcript of Records of the currently enrolled study programme.


Submission of the enrolment application is carried out trough eVŠ portal.

The information day for study programmes of the second-cycle study programmes of the Faculty of Arts for academic year 2021/2022 will take place on May 31, 2021 between 10 AM and 16 PM. The schedule of presentations is available here: PDF / Word. In case a Zoom link does not work, please contact Mrs. Živa Banfi ( individual departments of Faculty of Arts will present their study programmes; at 2 PM, however students are invited to attend the general presentation, which will provide detailed information on the procedures related to the application for enrolment.

According to Assessment and Recognition of Education Act, candidates, holders of foreign qualifications (certificates obtained outside the Republic of Slovenia), who wish to enrol in Master study programmes of the Faculty of Arts, must obtain a decision on the recognition of foreign education for the purpose of further education. The procedure begins with submitting the application for enrolment on the eVŠ portal. Instructions are also available on the website of the University of Ljubljana.

The decision on the recognition obtained for the purpose of employment, does not replace the above-mentioned decision. For the purpose of further education, the candidate must (regardless of the decision that has already been obtained for the purpose of employment) obtain a decision on the recognition of education obtained abroad for the purpose of further education.

Qualifications from the former Yugoslav republics (issued before June 25, 1991) are not considered foreign qualifications. International Baccalaureate diploma is not considered a foreign qualification.

Candidates with foreign qualifications are considered to have applied for recognition of their entry qualifications with the application form with which they have applied for study.



1. Scan of the final certificate(s), representing general requirement for access to higher education in the country of issue.

2. Certified Slovene or English translation of the certificate(s) referred to in No 1 (not necessary for certificate(s) in Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Serbian - if issued in Latin alphabet).

3. Scan of annual report cards, transcripts, a diploma supplement or some other evidence on the contents and duration of education.

4. Certified Slovene or English translation of the certificate(s) referred to in No 4 (not necessary for certificate(s) in Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Serbian - if issued in Latin alphabet).

5. Short chronological description of the entire education (statement by the applicant).

If the foreign institution which issued the final certificate does not confirm its authenticity, candidates will be required to submit an original document.

Further information: Ms. Živa Banfi


Phone: +386 1 241 1042

Candidates who wish to enrol in the second-cycle master's degree programmes of the Faculty of Arts, and completed their undergraduate studies in other professional fields have to submit the application for determining the differential exams

Candidates should submit their application to the department implementing the program together with the following documents:

  • Certificate of graduation (undergraduate studies);
  • Transcript of records (undergraduate studies);
  • Curriculum (if they have not yet finished their undergraduate studies).

Based on documents provided, the department will inform the student on differential exams that must be passed prior to enrolment. The student also receives the password to enter the student information system VIS, because candidates need to register for the differential exams in that system.

Differential exams are to be paid according to the price list of the faculty.

In accordance with legal requirements, differential exams must be passed before the enrolment in the programme (enrolment is finished by September 30). In programmes where more candidates will apply than there are available places in the first application period, the differential exams should be passed by the deadline as specified in the call for enrolment.

Parallel study is study following separate programmes of the University. Second-cycle students may enrol in parallel study without any limitations. 

Candidates for enrolment in parallel studies submit the application for parallel studies in accordance with the provisions of the call for enrolment on the eVŠ portal.

Students who successfully complete the obligations of both study programmes will receive a separate degree for each of the parallel study programmes.

Enrolment in combined study programmes is not considered parallel study.

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During their first year at the University of Ljubljana, international students may attend the so-called Year Plus, in which they can learn Slovene. Year Plus is designed to help international students to adapt to the Slovenian system and culture in their first year of study in Slovenia.

More information regarding conditions and how and when to apply is available here.