Nataša Jakop

Department of Slovene Studies

Vlasta Jalušič

Department of Sociology

Marija Javor Briški

Department of German, Dutch and Swedish

Miha Javornik

Department of Slavistics

Nikolai Jeffs

Department of Sociology

Marko Jenko

Department of Art History

Ana Jenko Kovačič

Department of History

Hana Jensterle

The Scientific Research Institute

Tanja Jerman

The Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language

Metka Jerman Šenica

Pedagoška enota za šport

Sašo Jerše

Department of History

Mojca Jesenovec

Lektorji v tujini

Špela Jevnikar

Department of English

Andraž Jež

Department of Slovene Studies

Nikolaj Jež

Department of Slavistics

Božidar Jezernik

Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology

Katja Jeznik

Department of Educational Sciences

Ioana - Carmen Jieanu

Department of Romance Languages and Literatures

Ana Jovanović

Department of Philosophy

Bojana Jovićević

Department of Philosophy

Our stories

prof. Marko Kerševan, PhD

Monocultures are detrimental to a space that is exposed to change. The soil on which they grow is depleted.


prof. Neva Šlibar, PhD

The humanities are underestimated throughout Europe. Other sciences may be more important for health, but only the humanities can answer the ultimate questions of life.

prof. Dušan Nečak, PhD

What is important in the further development of the university and the faculty is the freedom of research, the freedom of pedagogical work, the freedom of university life.


10. 09. 2020
Department of Translation Studies, Department of Slovene Studies, Faculty of Arts

Konferenca Jezikovne tehnologije in digitalna humanistika

28. 09. 2020
Mednarodna pisarna, Faculty of Arts

Welcome day for Exchange Students

10. 09. 2020
Faculty of Arts

Online presentation for international students

28. 09. 2020
Faculty of Arts

Online presentation of Faculty of Arts for international students

04. 11. 2020
Department of Asian Studies

A documentary feature film The Celestial Dragon