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Setting up a Reading Motivator in the Digital Age: Introducing New Approaches of Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy in Primary School (MORE)

Setting up a Reading Motivator in the Digital Age: introducing New Approaches of Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy in Primary Schools (MORE)

About the project

Title of the project Setting up a Reading Motivator in the Digital Age: introducing New Approaches of Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy in Primary Schools (MORE)  
Project number 2022-1-SI01-KA220-SCH-000087839  
Project and Action Type Erasmus+, KA220-SCH - Cooperation partnerships in school education  
Project duration 31. 12. 2022 – 30.12. 2025  
Project coordinator Assist. Prof. Ana Vogrinčič Čepič  
Project coordinator University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts (Slovenia)  
Participating organizations Turku University (Finland)  
  Turku City Library (Finland)   
  Italian Literacy Association (Italy)   
  Ljubljana City Library (Slovenia)  

Project Outline
In many European countries, research (PISA, PIRLS) has shown a significant decline in reading motivation in the 10+ age group. Low motivation for reading leads to unsatisfactory levels of reading literacy but also to low academic achievement, and lack of social and cultural participation.

By focusing on students 9 – 11 years of age, the project addresses the worrying trends by

1. acknowledging diversity (a variety of school and family settings, curricular specifics, reading experiences, a wide range of genres and formats in print and e-version etc),
2. studying the ways of introducing more possibilities for reading for pleasure in schools (which is an effective strategy to ascertain academic success),
3. proposing innovative approaches to encourage reading for pleasure and expanding the possibilities of good reading experiences in the digital age.

The research will be based on Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy (RfP). While taking into account different reading profiles, thorough research will be carried out to design a balanced theory and practice, and to create pedagogy for enhancing the reading of diverse readers.

Reading motivators will be introduced as a novelty, bridging the curricular and extracurricular programmes and activities. By organising workshops and offering individual consultations, they will encourage primary school students to read, and will cooperate with their teachers, school librarians and any other interested party, with the aim of introducing and implementing the newly designed Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy.

First, a typology of reading profiles of elementary school students will be created based on an e-questionnaire.
Selected librarians, specialized in children's and YA literature, will be trained to act as reading motivators.
Reading profiles will serve as a key reference for creating various ‘reading pathways’ for encouraging students into reading according to their interests, abilities and motivations.
Then, a series of workshops for students aged 9 – 11 will be offered, and seminars for teachers and/or interested school staff.
The key evaluation phase will round up the project.
Project findings and materials will be disseminated throughout.

Expected Impacts

The project aims to empower each student with a good reading experience.

  • A better understanding of the importance of Reading for Pleasure in the digital age, and its impact on the students' social and academic life will help pave a path to books and reading according to the students’ reading profiles, their wishes and needs.
  • The full potential of reading motivators as drivers of reading for pleasure motivation will be realised through stronger, formal and possibly permanent links between educational institutions and reading motivators.
  • The knowledge generated through research and practical workshops will inform the design of (e-)materials (handbooks and guidelines for the practitioners), and the publication of academic articles to enable further research.


  • typology of reading profiles (for 9 to 11 year olds) and accompanying reading pathways
  • materials and guidelines for educating the reading motivators
  • handbook of good practices in reading for pleasure pedagogy for primary school students

Project coordinator
Assist. Prof. Ana Vogrinčič Čepič (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology, Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies, Slovenia)

Slovenian Team

Project leader
Assist. Prof. Ana Vogrinčič Čepič (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology, Department of Library and Information Science and Book Studies)

Project members
Assistant Veronika Rot Gabrovec (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of English)
Prof. Sonja Pečjak (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology)
Assist. Prof. Tina Pirc (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Psychology)
Senior Bibl. Mojca Žaberl (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts, Department of Sociology)
Senior Bibl. Mateja Lesar (City Library Ljubljana, Professional associate for education)

Finish team

Project leader
Adjunct Prof./Senior Lect. Juli-Anna Aerila (University of Turku, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Department Teacher Education)

Project members
Service Manager Sanna Hernelahti (Turku City Library)

Italian team

Project leader
Adjunct Prof./Senior Lect. Tiziana Mascia (Associazione Literacy Italia)

Project members
Adjunct Prof./Senior Ugo Guidolin (Associazione Literacy Italia)
Senior Bibl. Francesco Grande (Associazione Literacy Italia)
Senior Bibl. Valentina Bondesan (CSBNO)

Assist. Prof. Ana Vogrinčič Čepič

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Assistant Veronika Rot Gabrovec



Prof. Sonja Pečjak

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Adjunct Prof./Senior Lect. Juli-Anna Aerila

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In February, we successfully held an introductory meeting with partner organisations. We are pleased to collaborate with the University of Turku, Italian Literacy Association, Turku City Library and Ljubljana City Library.


A three-day annual meeting of the program group was held between September 11 and 13, 2023. The meeting was organized by the Faculty of Arts (FF), which is also the project coordinator. The project leader, dr. Ana Vogrinčič Čepič, and the Slovenian part of the team (dr. Sonja Pečjak, dr. Tina Pirc, dr. Veronika Rot Gabrovec and Mojca Žaberl) hosted colleagues from the partner organisations, dr. Juli-Anna Aerila from the University of Turku and dr. Tiziana Mascia, director of the Italian Literacy Association.

The meeting lasted three days and took place mainly at the Faculty of Arts. The focus of the meeting was on the preparation of an online questionnaire for children that will be the basis for developing a typology of different profiles of child readers, which is one of the main goals of the project. On Tuesday, September 12, we had a working meeting with Ms. Matej Lesar from the Slovenian partner organisation Ljubljana City Library (MKL). We met with librarians from MKL who will be trained as reading motivators as part of the project and will try to get as many children as possible to read using new approaches.


Some photos from the meeting discussions

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Filozofska fakulteta


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Research project is co-funded by European Union

Partner organisations