Presentation of Study Programmes (First-cycle)

The first-cycle undergraduate study programmes last 3 years (6 semesters) and have a cumulative value of total 180 ECTS credits, namely:

  • Single-subject programmes: 180 ECTS
  • Combined programmes: 90 ECTS (mandatory combination with another combined programme).

After successful completion of first-cycle studies, students can continue their education at the Faculty of Arts in the second-cycle master degree programmes.

The first-cycle undergraduate study programmes


Single-Subject Study Programmes


English Studies


Classical and Humanistic Studies




Librarianship and Information Science


Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology




French and Roman Studies




German Studies


Japanese Studies


Translation Studies




Pedagogy and Andragogy


Comparative Literature and Literary Theory






Slovene Studies


Sociology of Culture


History of Art




West Slavic Studies



Combined Study Programmes


Polish Studies ­ Combined Programme


Slovene studies ­ Combined Programme


English Studies ­ Combined Programme


Czech Studies Combined Programme


Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology ­ Combined Programme


Philosophy ­ Combined Programme


French Studies ­ Combined Programme


Geography ­ Combined Programme


German Studies ­ Combined Programme


Greek Language, Literature and Culture ­ Combined Programme


Italian Language and Literature ­ Combined Programme


Japanese Studies ­ Combined Programme


South Slavic Studies ­ Combined Programme


Cultures of East Asia Combined programme


Latin Language, Literature and Culture ­ Combined Programme


Indo-European Comparative Linguistics Combined Programme


Pedagogy and Andragogy ­ Combined Programme


Comparative Slavic Linguistics ­ Combined Programme


Comparative Literature and Literary Theory Combined Programme


Russian Studies ­ Combined Programme


Slovak Studies ­ Combined Programme


Sociology ­ Combined Programme


General Linguistics  Combined Programme


Spanish Language and Literature Combined Programme


History of Art Combined programme


History Combined programme




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