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Welcome Day - Exchange Students ONLY

Dear exchange students,

at the moment, we are planning to hold the Welcome Day in person. There you will receive all important details about your exchange and your stay in Ljubljana in the upcoming study year.

In case there are any changes due to the COVID situation, we will inform you on time.

When: September 30th (Thursday), at 11:00.

Where: Faculty of Arts (main faculty building), on Aškerčeva 2ground floorroom 15 (predavalnica 15).


10:00–11:00: Registration

11:00–12:30: Welcome speech and services orientation

  • If possible, please plan your arrival in a way that you are able to attend our Welcome Day, as there will be lots of useful information for you and instructions on how to manage everything during the first weeks of your exchange.

Regardless of the situation, we sincerely hope to see as many of you there as possible!

  • In case you decide to cancel or postpone your mobility, please inform us as soon as possible! 

  • Information about RVT


**Not to be confused with these two events: Reception for international students at the Faculty of Arts and at the University of Ljubljana


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